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Meeting the needs of today

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Introduction to our Car Rental Service

At our car rental company the following categories are available, for rent a car: economy, small, middle and premium category cars, also you can rent a minibus.


Special offers

Follow our special offers and rent a car with high level service at a much better price. We offer you highly competitive prices for the Easter, Pentecost and Christmas holidays as well as usual weekends. With our regular weekly offers we strike to make renting as convenient as possible for you.

Always at your service

We are open every day, you can take your car within 1-3 hours but maximum within a day even at weekends. In Budapest we get to the arranged address within an hour if you order on the phone. Should you have any problems our colleagues are available 24 hours a day. We will help you between 5:00pm Friday afternoon and 8:00am Monday morning. We do not let our clients down. The 24-hour-assisstance service is not only an advertisement on the website.

Online booking

Book your car with a click, comfortably online! No more phone calls or mailing. We send you a confirmation about the order right away.

Guaranteed high quality

The owners of the company have been in the car rental business since 1993. This company was founded in 2001 and it has had the original tax number ever since. It is a member company of the Magyar Autókölcsönzők Szövetsége (Hungarian Car rental companies Association) which safeguards high quality services. All our cars are in our property and are regularly maintained. We only rent our own cars which eliminates risk in connection with the conditions and reliability of the cars.