General car rental conditions


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  • We can just accept reservations for a specific group and not for a specific car.

Cars can be driven or rented by anyone who:

  • is mentioned in the rental contract
  • is over 21 years for group A, B, C
  • is over 23 years for group D, E, F, G
  • has a valid driving-licence for more than a year
  • has a valid ID card or passport
  • has a valid credit card (VISA, AmEx or MasterCard)

Payment conditions / deposit:

  • The deposit should be given by credit card (VISA, AmEx or MasterCard)
  • The Maestro card is not able to proceed deposit.
  • We can not accept cash deposit.
  • Everybody has to give from 100.000 HUF to 500.000 HUF deposit, depending on the rented group (there is no banktransfer only blocking the amount until end of the rent, called preautorisation)
  • The rental fee has to be paid on return by card or cash
  • Lessor is entitled to refuse to rent without reason or unilaterally withdraw from the contract even directly before the start of the rent.

Rental fee:

  • Daily rates are for 24 hours from the start of the rental. If daily rental period is exceeded by more than 1 hour, another full day will be charged. There is no possibility to pay half day
  • Apart from this there are special rental periods
    (weekly, weekend, special offers)


  • The compulsory and Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Protection (TP) are included in the prices
  • The insurances are not valid for wheel-damages, tyre-damages and damages in the passanger cabin
  • In case of stealing the renter is obliged to give the key and document of the car back to the lessor otherwise he or she is obliged to pay the value of the car at the current time of stealing
  • In case of accident because of fail of the renter or someone unknown the renters liability is: 10% min. 80 000 HUF

Car break-down:

  • Lessor undertakes all maintaining expenses becoming necessary under proper use
  • Renter shall promptly inform lessor about any sorts of break-down
  • Obligation of customer in case of accidents or/and damage
  • Customer shall directly and promptly inform lessor in case of accident or other damage
  • In case of accidents the police protocol and insurance report must be filled out

Signs official documents:

  • License plate number, vehicle license and insurance certificates, green card, service book, user manual, etc. In case of loss charge administration fee is 25 400 HUF landlord administrative fees incurred during the restoration. The official signage / documents not covered by the insurance loss events include such insurance in the rents do not cover.